July 7 Bulletin

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.   Psalm 77:11

MC: Greg Plett
Offering: EMC
Message: Jamaica Report from Donny & Cathy

This Week:

PCH singing is canceled
C&C Grad welcome BBQ at MCS    5:00

Monday, July 8
MCS Board Meeting             7:30

Tuesday, July 9
Sewing Circle             9-12

Wednesday, July 10
Senior’s Lunch        12:00

Saturday, July 13
Volleyball Fundraiser for Dwight & Shanda Pinnock. Talk to Greg Plett for more details.

July 5-7 is EMC Convention If you want to watch the main sessions go to http://www.emconference.ca/events/emc-events/ convention-2019/live-streaming

Pray for this Week:
– Eric as he speaks at Beaver Creek Bible Camp this week.
– Max and Sherayah as they study and serve with the Father’s House Church in Oroville, California.

Upcoming Events:

BCBC Work Day. Saturday July 20, starting at 9:00. Putting tin on our cabin roofs & possibly more. Ladders & cordless drills/impacts would be useful.  

Copeland MEC & School are celebrating their 25th Anniversary on July 20 & 21.The 20th at 6 PM to Sunday Faspa.

August 4-Taste of Asia: An evening of tasting a variety of foods from Thailand and Kyrgyzstan and hearing what God is doing in those parts of Asia. It will start at 5. For more info contact Amber. 

DVBS in Dallas, Aug 5-9 in the evenings. Talk to Greg or Carlie if you’re interested in helping out.

BCBC (Week 2):
We’re excited to welcome over 35 young campers (Gr. 3-5) to join the 17 LDC’ers who will be continuing their training for a 2nd week!
If you can pray for some more male and female cabin leaders, that’d be great!
It’ll be so good to have Eric out to share about Encountering God in chapels this week – as fun as it was to speak last week, we’re glad to step back and have someone carry that part of the load! 
Don’t forget! Wednesday Nights are visitor nights during July! Come out for 730pm and enjoy watching a big field game, stay for chapel, snack and a prayer time. Usually wraps up around 1030! 

Bible Plan This Week:
July 8 – Acts 14
July 9 – Acts 15:1-21
July 10 – Acts 15:22-41
July 11 – Acts 16:1-15
July 12 – Acts 16:16-40
July 13 – Acts 17:1-15
July 14 – Acts 17:16-34