May 19 Bulletin

May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children.
Psalm 90:16

Emcee: Eric Isaac
Message: Tim Reimer
Report: BCBC Directors

This Week:

Tuesday, May 21
Youth Lesson Night              7:30

Wednesday, May 22
Senior’s Lunch                    12:00

Friday, May 24
Music Recital for Heidi Korte’s music students at 4:00

We are having church-wide potlucks May 26 and June 2. (If you’re not in a potluck group talk to Eric Isaac or Sid Dueck). If you can’t be at your scheduled Sunday, feel free to go the other Sunday. There is a list of the groups on the bulletin board.

Pray for this Week: Tammy Loewen as she serves and studies with The Father’s House Church in Oroville, California.

Upcoming Events:

Starting June 2nd church will start at 10:30. There won’t be Sunday School . Coffee and muffins will be served at 10:00.

The Annual SBC Golf Tournaments fundraisers are happening June 4 at Giroux’s Quarry Oaks and June 18 at Morden’s Minnewasta Golf Club. This Texas Scramble style tournament is open to all levels of male and female golfers! Visit to register yourself or a foursome.

BCBC 50th Celebration! Join us June 9th for a joint service at Riverton Hall and a day of celebration, worship, food, and activities!

If you’re interested in serving with BCBC check out the poster on the bulletin board.

MWM: Women’s Supper & Fireside Friday, June 14 at 6:00 pm. Bring your lawn chairs to Sid & Bea’s cabin in Hecla and be ready for an evening of relaxing, eating, and more relaxing!


May 21 – Lesson Night
May 28 – Games Night

Bible Plan This Week:

May 20 – John 7:1-31
May 21 – John 7:32-53
May 22 – John 8:1-20
May 23 – John 8:21-36
May 24 – John 8:37-59
May 25 – John 9:1-23
May 26 – John 9:24-41