Bulletin June 18

I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.                                                                   Psalm 140:12

This Week:

Thursday, June 22

Pre-Picnic Work Night        7:00

Friday, June 23

MCS Picnic                               1:00

Saturday, June 24

MCS Graduation                     7:00

Everyone is welcome to all of these events!


Congratulations to Jonathan and Mandy Plett on the safe arrival of their son, Maddex Otto, born June 15.

Pray for this week:


Camp Arnes as they prepare for a summer of ministry. Pray that staff needs are met and that it will be a summer of spiritual growth for the campers and staff.

Up Coming Events:

On June 25th (next Sunday) we as a church will formally say thank you to Donovan and Cathy for their service as youth pastor couple and their care group is planning a potluck lunch.


BCBC Update:

Summer camp is right around the corner!

Lots of staff have committed to helping us out this summer but we still need a few key people!  These include:

Staff Camp – June 29-July2 – Kitchen help

Week 1 – July 2-8 – Outdoor Leader, Paintball staff, Kitchen help

Week 2 – July 9-15 – Guy cabin leaders

Week 3 – July 16-22 – kitchen help, Guy cabin leaders

Week 4 – July 23-28 – Head Cook, kitchen help, Guy cabin leaders

Week 5 – July 30-Aug 5 – kitchen help, Guy cabin leaders

Still looking for a nurse/paramedic July 17-19, Aug 1-5, Sept 29-Oct1

The BCBC Board is still looking for a treasurer and/or bookkeeper! Call Darren Kornelsen at 204-641-4016 for details.

Thanks for your support and prayers!


Eric’s office hours this week are Tuesday to Friday 9-12:30.

Next Sunday:

Service                                 10:30

Offering: General Fund

Children’s Programming:  

   Ages 1-12 in Sunday School wing. A parent/guardian must sign in ages 1-5, all children must be picked up at the end of the service.

Message:  Eric Isaac

Potluck Lunch for Donovan and Cathy. Everyone is invited.

Please have bulletin announcements in by 12 noon on Friday. Contact Jeannette Gross.  Cell: 204-641-3683. Email: jeanhorses@hotmail.com