Bulletin May 21

You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.                                                           Psalm 139:2

This Week:

Tuesday, May 23

Sewing Circle                         9:00

Wednesday, May 24

Seniors Lunch                     12:00

Thursday, May 25

Ministerial Meeting              7:00


A wonderful opportunity: We are looking for homes to host EMC convention guests – June 9-10. If you have a bed or two available, please contact Glenn or Norma Plett: 364-2271 or gnplett@gmail.com


MDS has many opportunities to volunteer and help. Please check the bulletin board for details and the latest update.

Pray for this week:

Abundant Springs Youth Conference– There will be 13 MEMC youth at the event and 350 in total.

The Canadian Food Grains Bank is inviting churches to join with them in praying for an end to global hunger. (Right now there are over 20 million people in danger of starvation in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen.)


 Upcoming Events:


Spring Cleaning @ MEMC June 2. We need your help to clean and tidy the church before the EMC Convention. Talk to Evalina Reimer for details and to see how you can help.



May 19-22 – Abundant Springs


June 10 – EMC Convention Youth Event



College & Careers

Stay tuned for more events!



Eric’s office hours this week are Tuesday to Thursday 9-12:30.

Next Sunday:

Sunday School               10:00

Preschool – Gr. 12 in Sunday

School Wing. Offering going

to Ramona’s Reach projects.

Adult Class in the Dining hall:  Uganda report- Abe Loewen,   Arnold Reimer, Paul Peters   and Brian Dyck


Service                              11:00

  Child care Ages 1-4.

Offering: General Fund

Last Sunday the General Fund received $3,065.00.

Message:  Eric Isaac


Please have bulletin announcements in by 12 noon on Friday. Contact Jeannette Gross.  Cell: 204-641-3683. Email: jeanhorses@hotmail.com