Bulletin April 16

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” Luke 24: 5-6

This Week:

Monday, April 17
MCS No Classes
Teacher Enrichment Day

Tuesday, April 18
Mothers who Care 9:00

Wednesday, April 19
Care Group Night

Thursday, April 20
MCS Parent Teacher 7:30

Pray for this week:

Camp Arnes as they prepare for a summer of ministry. Pray that staff needs are met and that it will be a summer of spiritual growth for the campers and staff

Upcoming Events:

EMC Convention @ MEMC
June 9 -11 2017

April 28 – Talent Show
May 19-22 – Abundant

College & Careers
April 24 – Games Night
(Location TBD)

Eric’s office hours this week are Tuesday to Friday 9-12:30.
Next Sunday:

Sunday School 10:00
Preschool – Gr. 12 in Sunday
School Wing. Offering going
to Ramona’s Reach projects.
Adult Class in the Dining hall:
James 3

Service 11:00
Child care Ages 1-4.
Offering: General Fund
Last Sunday the General Fund received $3,250.25.
Message: Eric Isaac
Membership Transfer: Chrissy Plett, Erin Reimer

Please have bulletin announcements in by 12 noon on Friday. Contact Jeannette Gross. Cell: 204-641-3683.
Email: jeanhorses@hotmail.com