Feb 28 Bulletin

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy,[a] drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:8

Coffee & Muffins 9:30

Sunday School 10:00

Worship Service 11:00
Service Leader Tim Reimer
Offering – General Fund
Message – Tim Dyck, Gil & Renita Rempel
Prayer & Praise

Next Sunday:
Dining Hall Class: “Kingdom Come: Living What
Jesus Taught”
Offering – EMC
Last Sunday’s offering for the General Fund was
Message: Eric Isaac Read: Matthew 4:23-24,
Acts 5:12-16
This Week
Wednesday, Mar 2
Church Direction Night 7:45 PM
-Update about sponsoring a refugee family
-Our involvement with the Bridge Drop-In

Tuesday, Mar 3
Sr High Youth at ICYA 7:30 PM

Friday, Mar 4
Youth 7:30 PM

Congratulations to Mike Reimer and Carmela Adamo on their recent engagement!

Congratulations to Wayne Reimer and Leanne Metsa on their recent engagement!

Remember in your prayers:
Glenn Plett as he teaches on 1+2 Timothy and
The Lord’s Prayer this weekend and
upcoming week in Tigertown, Texas.
Our Deacons.
Tom and Annie Plett as they are adjusting to their different lifestyle with Tom being in PCH permanently and Annie in Fisher Branch Chalet.

Upcoming Events
The Messenger, the monthly magazine of the EMC, is available free to all who attend this congregation, members and non-members. Please supply your mailing address to Eric Isaac. The magazine is funded by the giving of the EMC churches and people.

Leadership Conference 2016 at Steinbach Bible College, March 18-19, with Dr. Preston Sprinkle (author of Fight and co-author of Erasing Hell) speaking on the topic “Living Non-Violently in a Violent World”. All are welcome to attend. Register today at 204-326-6451 or online at SBCollege.ca.