Sept 13 Bulletin

“Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.
Joshua 1:7

Sunday School 10:00
Worship Service 11:00
Service Leader Donovan Dueck

Offering – General Fund
Mission Spot – Nolan McCue
Scripture Reading
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Prayer & Praise

Next Sunday:
Adult Class in the Dining Room (10 AM): A series
on the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan.
Offering – General Fund
Last Sunday’s offering for EMC was $1,326
and the General Fund received $1,490.
Sermon: Eric Isaac Read: Esther 5-7

This Week
Monday, Sept 14
Mother’s Who Care @ Church 9:00 AM
C&C Games at Galen’s 7:30 PM
MCS Board Meeting 7:30 PM

Tuesday, Sept 15
Youth Kick-Off @ Church 7:30 PM

Wednesday, Sept 16
Care Group Night

Thrift Shop:
15th: Janice, Norma
16th: Bea, Evalina
17th: Gloria, Carol
18th: Rose, Elda
19th: Trudy, Sara

URGENT need of SS teachers for grades 3-5 and grades 6-7. Please contact: Gloria Penner or Ronelda Loewen.

As a church, we broadcast our services via LiveStream. We are in need of some volunteers to help videotape our service and someone to organize a schedule and maintain it. We know that the service gets used regularly so we know its importance. However some slots remain open, which could result in those Sunday services not being aired. If you are interested please talk to Donny.

Seniors’ Meal
There is a seniors’ meal sign up sheet in the foyer. Please check the dates to see if there are dates that work for you! Thanks.

Remember in your prayers:
Our Music Leaders.

Upcoming Events

The EM Conference has asked the four Interlake churches if we would like to host the annual convention in the summer of 2017. This would require many volunteers from our churches to help with childcare, making worship services happen, making snacks, and the many other tasks that good hosts do. Be prepared next Sunday to show by a raise of hands whether you are in favour of our region hosting this event.

Pick up EMC’s periodical Theodidaktos on the table in the lobby. This issue has a few interesting articles about war and pacifism. When you’re done with it pass it on to someone else.

Amber Dueck’s new address:
Mailing Address: PO Box 36, Baan Duu Post Office, Muang Chiang Rai, 57100 Thailand
Blog Address:
Email Address:
In case you need my phone number here it is 011-66-09-3269-6702

Check Out in the Library
Truth Matters by Andreas Kostenberger. Stats say that 4 out of 10 kids leave the church and never return because they are unarmed and incapable of defending their faith. This easy to read book provides well-reasoned answers to the toughest objections, this resource equips young adults to confidently respond to opposing arguments, lectures, exam questions, and their own personal doubts about faith.

Sept 15 – Youth Kick-Off at 7:30 at Church.
Bring all your friends!
Sept 22 – Lesson Night/Small Groups at 7:30
Sept 25-27 – Uprising – a Youth Retreat for
Gr 7-12’s – Cost $85
If you are interested in providing snack for a youth event this year, we are looking for volunteers. Please contact Donovan.

C & C
Sep 14 – First ever “Games at Galen’s” @ Galen’s 🙂 7:30pm. Bring snacks, games, etc.
Sep 21 – Kickoff of Bible Study series at Greg & Carlie’s @ 7:30 We’re looking for someone in Arborg area who would be willing to host once in awhile. Let us know if you’re interested.