Aug 30 Bulletin

Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. Colossians 3:16

Worship Service 10:30
Service Leader Tim Reimer
Dismissal for Children’s Church
Offering – MCC
Mission Spot – Francesca Harris
Scripture Reading – Breanne Reimer
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Prayer & Praise

Next Sunday:
Sermon: Arden Thiessen
Offering – EMC
Last Sunday’s offering for the General Fund
was $2,125.50

This Week
Thursday, Sep 3
MCS Parent Teacher Meeting 7:30 PM

We are looking for volunteers to teach “What’s in the Bible?” curriculum this upcoming school year. Please contact Gloria Penner or Ronelda Loewen if you are interested. Part-timers and full-timers are welcome!

As a church, we broadcast our services via LiveStream. We are in need of some volunteers to help videotape the service and someone to organize a schedule and maintain it. We know that the service gets used regularly so we know its importance. However some slots remain open, which could result in those Sunday services not being aired. If you are interested please talk to Donny.

Seniors’ Meal
There is a seniors’ meal sign up sheet in the foyer. Please check the dates to see if there are dates that work for you! Thanks.

Remember in your prayers:
Morweena Women’s Ministry

Upcoming Events
Eric will be on holidays August 31- September 8. If you want pastoral care feel free to talk Glenn, Larry Payne, Tim or Donovan. Eric will be back at work September 9.

September 6th will be a normal “summer Sunday” (no Sunday School and Children’s Church during the service) and then on September 13th Sunday School will start at 10:00 and the worship service at 11:00.

MCS classes start on Wednesday, September 9, from 9am-2pm

Arborg PCH -Starting September 10th our church will do a church service at the Arborg PCH on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 9:30-10:00 am. If you want to contribute by song-leading, singing in a group, Scripture reading or doing a devotional talk to Eric Isaac.

Check Out in the Library
Driftwood Tides by Gina Holmes. When Holton lost his wife in a freak accident, he shut himself off from the world, living a life of seclusion and making drifwood sculptures. Until he finds out that his late wife had an illegitimate daughter and his life is turned upside down as he struggles to accept that the wife he’d given saint status to was not the woman he thought he knew.

Youth-graphic novel: Welcome to Holsom: the Armour of God by Craig Schutt. When the end comes, who will be left standing? May the best robot win! The sleepy little town of Holsom is about to become a war zone. Unexpected heroes and duplicitous friends collide in a final, fateful showdown. Join Lucy, Jorge, Shelby, and Mouse as they struggle with real-life issues such as bullying, honesty, peer pressure, and faith.

C & C
Sep 6 – Bomber game and supper at Phil & Michelle’s @ 3:00pm. Bring $$$ for food.
Sep 14 – First ever “Games at Galen’s” @ Galen’s 🙂 7:30pm. Bring snacks, games, etc.
Sep 21 – Kickoff of Bible Study series at Greg & Carlie’s @ 7:30 We’re looking for someone in Arborg area who would be willing to host once in awhile. Let us know if you’re interested.