June 7 Bulletin

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Worship Service 10:30
Service Leader Donovan Dueck
Welcome & Announcements
Singing & Offering (EMC)
Offertory – Robyn Reimer
Mission Report – Kim Kornelson
Scripture Reading – Dylan & Milton
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Prayer & Praise
Closing Song

Next Sunday:
Sermon: Eric Isaac Read Ephesians 4:1-16
Membership transfer for Juanita Wevursky
The service will start at 10:30 and Sunday School for the kids will be during the service.
Offering – General Fund
Last Sunday’s offering for MCS
was $1,347.

This Week
PCH singing in Arborg 3:45 PM

Monday, June 8
Mothers Who Care 9:00 AM
MCS Board Meeting 7:30 PM

Tuesday, June 9
Sewing Circle 9:00 AM

Wednesday, June 10
Senior Lunch 12:00 PM

Friday, June 12
Youth Wind Up! 7:30 PM

Remember in your prayers:
Jake and Christy and their family as they serve with Teach Beyond in Kyrgyzstan.
The Riverton MCC Thrift Shop and its board
Pray for BCBC…
– for the S.O.S project (abundant resources)
– for the campers (they would be ready to receive/believe the Good News)
– for the staff (hearts and minds ready to serve and show God’s love)

Congratulations to Shawn and Caroline on the arrival of their son, Jet Nathaniel, born June 1!
Upcoming Events

MCS Picnic June 19 1:00 – Dusk.
MCS Grad June 20 7:00
Everyone is welcome for both events!

The Parent and Child dedication will be June 21st. If you’re interested in participating talk to Eric Isaac.

BCBC is now “hiring”!! All positions are available! If you have any questions, want to send someone our way, or are ready to sign up, then please contact Dayna at bcbc@lakenet.ca or 204-641-2362
All SBC Alumni are invited to attend Homecoming 2015, Saturday, June 20, 4-7 pm. Take a break from Steinbach’s Summer in the City and bring your family for a free BBQ in the SBC gym and to catch up with college friends and faculty. For more information, call 204-326-6451 or visit SBCollege.ca.someone move home. Call 1-800-241-8111 to schedule.

Check out in the library…
Culture Making by Andy Crouch. A rallying cry for culturally creative Christians to engage contemporary society with their gifts and faith. It is not enough to condemn culture. Nor is it sufficient merely to critique culture, copy culture, or consume culture. The only way to change the culture is to create a new one. Christians should take the initiative and create culture. Culture is what we make out of the world we have around us. From it we create cultural artifacts and employ them to make sense of our world and to help others understand us in the world. By making chairs and omelets, languages, and laws, we participate in God’s own making and transforming of culture.

Lessons Kids Need to Learn by David Staal. With a dozen life-building lessons, parents and mentors will be able to teach their kids to have a balanced, healthy perspective about themselves and other people, and how to honor God with the way they live.

Teen: Dead Man’s Switch by Sigmund Brouwer. When a teen boy receives a written warning from his friend to avoid his church and leave his remote island town immediately, he’s terrified-his friend died weeks ago! He knows danger is up ahead when he realizes that his friend’s dead man’s switch computer program has been activated. Unsure who to trust, he sets out alone to unravel a dark conspiracy. Soon, the seeker becomes the hunted in an unknown wilderness. The only hope for escape is a trigger-happy hermit, a man with his own secrets to hide.

June 12 – Youth Wind Up

C &C
June 28 – Potluck after church! Bring table games and baseball gloves for after!