June 14 Bulletin

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, Ephesians 5:25-26

Worship Service 10:30
Service Leader Delmer Plett
Dismissal for Children’s Church
Offering (General Fund)
Membership Transfer – Juanita Wevursky
Scripture Reading
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Prayer & Praise

Next Sunday:
Meditation: Glenn Plett
Parent/Child Dedication. (If you are interested in participating, talk to Eric Isaac.)
Offering – General Fund
Last Sunday’s offering for EMC
was $1,894.35.
This Week
Wednesday, June 17
Care Group Night

Friday, June 19
MCS Picnic 1:00 PM

Saturday, June 20
MCS Grad 7:00 PM

Thrift Shop:
16th: Trudy, Janet
17th: Rose, Mary
18th: Rose, Norma
19th: YOU?, Your Friend?
20th: YOU?, Your Other Friend?

Remember in your prayers:
Fisher Bay Bible Camp as they recruit staff and prepare for a summer of ministry.
Our Missions Board.
Pray for BCBC…
– for the S.O.S project (abundant resources)
– for the campers (they would be ready to receive/believe the Good News)
– for the staff (hearts and minds ready to serve and show God’s love)

Upcoming Events
BCBC is now “hiring”!! All positions are available! If you have any questions, want to send someone our way, or are ready to sign up, then please contact Dayna at bcbc@lakenet.ca or 204-641-2362

All SBC Alumni are invited to attend Homecoming 2015, Saturday, June 20, 4-7 pm. Take a break from Steinbach’s Summer in the City and bring your family for a free BBQ in the SBC gym and to catch up with college friends and faculty. For more information, call 204-326-6451 or visit SBCollege.ca.someone move home. Call 1-800-241-8111 to schedule.

Check out in the library…
Visible Threat by Janice Cantore. Officer Brinna Caruso wants perfection—perfect justice and a perfect world. She wants to save and protect all the innocents in the world, no matter the cost. Orphaned and struggling to get by, Ivana and her sister left Bulgaria for America with dreams of a better life. But since they arrived in Long Beach, everything they were promised has turned out to be a lie. After a dead girl is found in the river with a mysterious tattoo on her hip, homicide detective Jack O’Reilly asks for Brinna’s help. Unaware of the depths of evil that will be uncovered, Brinna finds herself flung into a dangerous frontier—an organized human trafficking ring.

DVD: Finding Normal. Master multi-tasker, Dr. Lisa Leland is a successful surgeon on her way across country to launch a new practice with her equally brilliant doctor boyfriend. Along the way, her trip goes off course when she has a run-in with a small town cop and is subsequently sentenced to community service in Normal, NC. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception, wifi or even credit card access, Leland does her time by filling in for the town’s ailing doctor, and begins to discover that a normal life may just be what she is looking for.

C &C
July 17-19 – Camp Morton camping trip! Talk to your C&C Leaders for more details!