Bulletin February 22, 2015

February 22, 2015

“For, ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’” Romans 10:13

Sunday School 10:00
Offering: Collecting money for the Children’s Hospital. If your child would like to bring a toy rather than money please refer to the list on the bulletin board for ideas.

Worship Service 11:00
Worship Leader Donovan Dueck
Welcome & Prayer
Singing & Offering (General Fund)
Prayer & Praise
Sermon – Brook Friesen (BCBC)
Closing Song
Next Sunday:
Adult Class: (10AM)
Dining Hall: Acts 21:1-26
Offering – EMC
Last Sunday’s offering for the General Fund
was $1,801.75.
Sermon: Eric Isaac- read Mark 5:1-20
Membership Transfer: Abe and Katharina Wall

Remember in your prayers:
Beaver Creek Bible Camp. Francesca Harris in Guatemala with YWAM.

Tuesday, Feb 24
Sewing Circle 9:00 AM
Youth Lesson Night @ Church 7:30 PM
Prayer Meeting 7:30 PM
For the Interlake hosted @ ACF

Wednesday, Feb 25
Senior Lunch 12:00 PM
Grade 11&12s will be coming after lunch.
Deacon Meeting 7:30 PM

Thursday, Feb 26
MWM Bible Study @ Church 9:00 AM
Coffee 9-9:30. Study 9:30-11.
C&C @ Daniel & Chrissy’s 7:30 PM
Ministerial Meeting 7:30 PM

Friday, Feb 27
Church & Family Night! 7:30 PM
Games, rink activities, movie, etc…

Pizza fundraiser for Lisa Reimer March 7th. Information in mailboxes. Perogy, pizza and pie dinner served 6-8 pm during pick-up/delivery. Tickets at the door.

Steinbach Bible College invites you to join us in praying for our students as they serve through our MissionX program in inner-city Winnipeg; northern Manitoba communities; Kugluktuk, Nunavut; and Mexico, Feb. 17-Mar 5. Visit facebook.com/SBCCanada or SBCollege.ca for daily updates.

Providence University College Public Lecture Series. Stimulating discussion of seven different topics of general contemporary interest addressed by seven different Providence professors over seven consecutive Saturday evenings at McNally Robinson Bookstore, Winnipeg, Feb.7- Mar.21. Free admission- no registration required. For more information see www.ProvidenceUC.ca or the poster in the dining hall.

Check out in the library this week…

The Strength of His Hand by Lynn Austin. God has rewarded Hezekiah’s faithfulness with great wealth and power, but the godly king has no heir. In desperation, his beloved wife takes forbidden measures to ensure fertility. With all that is going on in his kingdom Hezekiah does not discover his wife’s idolatry until it’s almost too late. Her betrayal cuts to the very core of his being and belief in God. Will his faith sustain him in the face of this deceit, and against an overwhelming enemy?

Jennifer by Dee Henderson. I t’s a summer of change for Jennifer O’Malley. She is a successful pediatrics physician, falling in love, thinking of marriage, falling in love with Jesus and knows that God is good. But that faith is about to be tested, and in a way she didn’t expect. The results will soon transform her entire family. Find out more about the last O’Malley sibling.

The Well by Stephanie Landsem. For the Samaritan women of Sychar, the well is a place of blessing—except for Mara, whose family has been shunned for the many sins of her mother, Nava. But will their encounter with two men—a mysterious, wealthy man from Caesarea named Shem and a Jewish teacher called Jesus—change their lives forever?

Feb 24-Youth Lesson Night at Church
Feb 27 -Church and Family Night. Games, Rink Activities, Movie. Start Time- 7:30.
May 15-18 – Abundant Springs Youth Conference

Thursday Nights – “Crazy Love” book study 7:30 pm @ Daniel and Chrissy’s. (Talk to us if you are interested in joining/want a book)
Upcoming: EMC Annual Young Adults Retreat @ Camp Cedarwood. Deadline for signing up is today!!! (Check out the poster and brochures on the bulletin board in the Dining room.)

Bulletin announcements must be in by 12 noon on Fridays. For bulletin announcements contact Jeannette Gross.
Cell: 641-3683 or email: jeanhorses@hotmail.com
Ministerial Team

Eric & Jen Isaac (364-2798)
Tim & Alvina Reimer (364-3008)
Larry & Leanne Payne (376-2481)
Glenn & Norma Plett (620-668-5216)
Donovan & Cathy Dueck (376-2477)
Delmer & Janice Plett (364-2268)
Abe & Trudy Loewen (372-8568)
Sid & Bea Dueck (364-2476)
Larry & Danelle Plett (376-2062)

Eric’s office hours are Wednesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Morweena EMC Committees
College and Career
Greg Plett – 641-0041
Carlie Plett – 245-0307

Library Committee
Amber Dueck – 378-0046

Morweena Christian School Board

Women’s Ministry
Bea Dueck- 364-2476
Marlene Reimer- 364-2346
Emily Loewen- 376-2144

Sewing Circle
Lorna Loewen- 372-6831

Song Leaders
Reg Dueck- 372-6678

Sunday School
Gloria Penner- 364-2495

MCC Thrift Shop Board (Riverton)
Mary Penner- 364-2347

Missions Board
Stan Loewen- 376-3628

Head Usher- Phil Plett – 364-1371

Church Maintenance Board
Robert Penner- 364-2495

Morweena Evangelical Mennonite Church
Box 4082, Arborg, Manitoba R0C 0A0
Office 364-2356
Pastor Eric Isaac – 364-2798
Youth Pastor Donovan Dueck – 376-2477