Jan 4 Bulletin

“The time has come,” Jesus said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15

Sunday School 10:00
Offering: Going toward glasses, toys, and sending a child to school.

Worship Service 11:00
Worship Leader Tim Reimer
Singing & Offering (EMC)
Prayer & Praise
Scripture Reading – Milton Loewen
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Closing Song

Next Sunday:
Adult Class: (10AM)
Dining Hall: EMC Day of Prayer
Offering – General Fund
Sermon: James Thiessen Read Mark 2:13-17

Singing @ the PCH in Arborg 3:45 PM

Thursday, Jan 8
MWM Bible Study @ Church 9:00 AM
Contact Rhonda for a book($20)
Ministerial Meeting @ the Payne’s 7:00 PM

Saturday, Jan 10
Interlake Men’s Breakfast 9:00 AM
Hosted by Arborg Christian Fellowship

Remember in your prayers:
Janelle Kornelson and Sandra Reimer as they study at University of Manitoba. The Missions Board.

Please return your completed nomination sheets to the Nominating Committee by January 1st.

Women’s Winter Bible Study – January 8, 2015 (A 9 week DVD study session, Children of the Day, a study of I & II Thessalonians with Beth Moore.) Every Thursday 9 AM @ the church. Contact Rhonda for a book. The cost is $20.

Jesse Lukas has a new number! 1 (204) 808-7119

Our week at the Thrift Shop is Jan 13-17. Let’s put our best foot forward in the new year and fill those empty slots!

Check out in the library this week…
Sarah’s Choice by Rebecca St. James. In Sarah Collins’s mind, only one thing stands in the way of her success (a good job, a pay increase, travel) . . . an unborn baby. Shes not sure if her boyfriend will be a good father. And the job she’s pursuing is open only because the previous employee is out on maternity leave. Torn between advice from her coworkers, the insistence of her mother and sister that she keep the baby, her insecurity about her relationship with Matt, and the void where her father should be, Sarah has no idea how to make this decision.

Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. They will address questions such as “Will everyone be saved?” and “Does God Get What He Wants in the End?” as well as reviewing in depth, everything Jesus said about Hell. Chan and Sprinkle lay all the evidence on the table and present all the facts from Scripture, so that people can decide what to believe for themselves.

The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley. For the last five months, Tom Anderson has been without a job, a fact he’s been hiding from his wife Jean-and everyone else. He leaves each morning, pretending nothing has changed, and spends his disheartening day rotating through two coffee shops and the library, using their wi-fi to search for a job on the internet. The stress of keeping this secret is beginning to put serious strain on his marriage and it looks like the legacy that began with his father is still at work, slowly destroying the bond between Tom and Jean. Can their mutual trust-and love-be restored?

Jan 16: Youth at Church (Indoor Game) Dallas Youth Group is joining
Jan 20: Lesson Night at Church
Jan 30: Youth and Parents Broomball

Jan 12 – “Crazy Love” book study 7:30 pm @ Daniel and Chrissy’s. (Talk to us if you are interested in joining/want a book)
Upcoming: Feb- sledding @ Hecla “Louis Reil Day”. March ish- Skiing Day Trip. EMC Annual Young Adults Retreat (Check out the poster and brochures on the bulletin board in the Dining room.)