Bulletin Aug 3

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.
Psalm 24:1

Sunday School
Offering: BCBC

Worship Service 10:00
Worship Leader Eric Isaac
Singing & Offering (EMC)
Children dismissed for Children’s Church
Prayer & Praise
Scripture Reading – Carlie Plett
Sermon – Zach Abrahamson
Closing Song

Next Sunday:
Offering – General Fund
Last Sunday’s offering for General Fund was $1,496.85.
Sermon: Tim Reimer- Revelation 3:14-22

Friday, Aug 8
Ice Cream Night 7:00 PM

Remember in your prayers:
-Glenn as he preaches in Eriksdale this morning.
-Lisa Reimer ministering to children at a church called The Father’s House in Oroville, California.
MCS Building pledge forms are available on the round table in the foyer.

There is a letter and an Annual Report from SBC on the church lobby bulletin board.

College/University Coffee House Send Off! August 17 at 7:00 PM. Everyone Welcome!

Upcoming Events For MWM!
September 3
Back To School Brunch

Financial Support toward Jake & Christy’s work in Central Asia can be sent directly to Teach Beyond at the address below.
Pledge forms are also available in the foyer.
TeachBeyond Canada
2121 Henderson Hwy.
Winnipeg, MB, R2G 1P8
Tel: 204 334 0055 / toll free: 1 888 334 0055
Fax: 204 339 3321
URL: https://give.teachbeyond.org/

In the library:
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi. Growing up, Nabeel never thought he would consider turning from his family’s deeply held beliefs in Islam. It was his whole world, his identity. Yet, as he grew into a young man earnestly seeking for God to speak into his life, he was surprised by what he found. What he found was a growing question about the divinity of Jesus, which lead ultimately to his conversion to Christianity. Nabeel shares the powerful story of his journey from faith in Allah to faith in Jesus Christ. Along the way, he gives valuable insight into Islam, sharing cultural, intellectual and theological barriers that often stand in the way of Muslims accepting Jesus. Nabeel’s testimony will deepen your understanding of American Muslims and draw you closer to Jesus as you consider the amazing ways He works today.

Aug 12: Fireside/Games @ Tim & Alvina Reimer’s
Aug 26: Fireside/Games @ Sid & Bea Dueck’s

August 24- Pancake Lunch! Bring your favourite topping or side and a table game!