Bulletin June 29

LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:9

Sunday School
Offering: BCBC

Worship Service 10:00
Worship Leader Delmer Plett
Singing & Offering (MCC)
Children dismissed for Children’s Church
Prayer & Praise
Scripture Reading – Revelation 2:1-7
Sermon – Eric Isaac
Closing Song

Next Sunday:
Offering – EMC
Sermon – Donovan Dueck –Revelation 2:8-11

Tuesday, July 1
Canada day potluck wiener roast at Sid + Bea’s starting at 5:00 PM. All welcome.

Friday, July 4
Ice Cream Nights Start! 7:30 PM

Saturday, July 5
Prayer & Praise Night @ BCBC 7:00 PM
The focus for the evening will be on Camp and praying specifically for this summer. Everyone is welcome. Please bring a snack to share. This invite came through Dahlen Barkman and the Mennville Church.

Remember in your prayers:
The family of Abe and Susie Penner.

Our next week for the Thrift Shop is July 15-19. Still lots of opportunities available!

If you would like to host a youth event this summer, Donovan would love to know. We would love to hold these youth events at homes.

Friday Night Ice Cream is starting up again! Every Friday from 7:30-10pm. Invite friends and neighbors. This is a fundraiser to bring Lovinson home from Jamaica for Jason and Lonita.

College/University Coffee House Send Off! August 17 at 7:00 PM. Everyone Welcome!

A message from Eric…
We all know that the time we designate for reading and studying the Bible as a congregation is important to the health of our church. I want to thank all of you who have prayed for this particular ministry over the years. I also want to extend an invitation- if there are any of you who would like to commit to regularly praying for the preaching ministry of our church I am hoping to start a “praying for the preaching” group. This group wouldn’t have prayer meetings but they would receive preaching schedules, a few helpful hints on how to pray for the preaching and sometimes might receive specific requests from preachers. If you have questions or are interested in this I’d love to hear from you. -Eric Isaac

In the library:
Stop asking Jesus into your heart by J D Greeaer. Noted pastor J. D. Greear addresses the important but rarely explored topic of Christians who doubt their salvation or have an unclear notion of what ‘asking Jesus into your heart’ really means.

July 1: Canada Day Party
July 4: Fresh IE Concert in Fisher Branch
July 15: Fireside/Games Location TBD
July 29: Fireside/Games Location TBD
Aug 12: Fireside/Games Location TBD
Aug 26: Fireside/Games Location TBD

July 1- Fireworks at the Forks! Meet outside at 7:30 pm to hang out until the show at 11 pm.
July 25-27 Camping Trip! Details on Facebook. Please RSVP ASAP! 
August 24- Pancake Lunch! Bring your favourite topping or side and a table game!