Bulletin – January 26, 2014

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Coffee & Muffins                                  9:30 AM

(mission trip fundraiser)

Sunday School                                     10:00

January’s Offering – The Bridge

Worship Service                                   11:00

Worship Leader                         Sid Dueck


Announcements & Offering


Offering – General Fund

Prayer & Praise

Sermon – Eric Fast

Next Sunday

Adult Sunday School

Sanctuary – Janet Plenert from MDS

Boardroom – “Grace” by Max Lucado

Offering – EMC

Sermon – Paul Kimball from UGM

Everyone is invited to a simple meal, tonight at 6:00 in the dining hall. For this simple meal we will have only rice and the purpose of it is to support those who are hungry. After the meal Jim Cornelius from Canadian Foodgrains Bank will share about their work and the issue of world hunger. It should be an informative time for people of all ages!

Tuesday, Jan. 28

Sewing Circle                                  9:00 AM

Prayer Meeting @ FWC                  7:30 PM

Thursday, Jan. 30

Family Night at the rink                  7:00 PM

 – snacks available for purchase

Ministerial Meeting @ Church      7:00 PM

Friday, Jan. 31

Missions Night!                                  7:30 pm

Scott Rosom from the Dallas Church will give a report and James Thiessen from Hodgson Bible Church will speak about local evangelism.

Saturday, Feb 1

C&C and Sr. Youth Worship Night   7:30PM

Sunday, Feb 2

Singing @ PCH in Arborg        3:45-4:15 PM

A great opportunity to minister to our neighbours!


Feb. 5  4-hour First Aide / CPR/AED training. Space for 18 trainees, please sign up with Elaine at MCS at 364 2466 asap. Fee $50 per person. Course will be held in Morweena.

Feb. 6 Marie Ens and children from the Place of Rescue (8-10 year olds) will be doing a performance and awareness evening at 7:00. BILLETING NEEDED! Please contact Lonita Reimer.

Feb 7-9  Mission Fest @ Church of the Rock

Remember in your prayers:

Eric Plett studying at Providence College

If you are interested in being a part of and/or are interested in being baptized please come talk to Donovan or Eric. We would like to start (Christian Life) Discipleship classes in February. If you are interested in being a part of and/or are interested in being baptized, or just want more information come talk to Donovan or Eric.

Women’s Winter Bible Studies begins in January. There is a sign up sheet in the lobby or call Marlene 364 2346 or Emily 376 2144

Check out in the library this week….
Return to Me by Lynn Austin. After years of watching his children and grandchildren wander from their faith, Iddo’s prayers are answered: King Cyrus is allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem. He joyfully prepares for their departure, only to learn that his family, grown comfortable in the pagan culture of Babylon, wants to remain. His grandson feels torn between his grandfather’s ancient beliefs and the comfort and success his father enjoys in Babylon. But he soon begins to hear the voice of God, encouraging him to return to the land given to his forefathers.

Son of the Underground by Albrecht Kaul. His father was an enemy of the state. His mother was told to have an abortion. His teachers mocked him. He didn’t meet his father until he was four years old. And his family lived on the run for years. Yet Isaac Liu, son of Brother Yun, survived to serve the Lord as a pastor and evangelist himself!

Go to Church Change the World: Christian Community as Calling by Gerald G. Mast. Drawing on Anabaptist life and conviction, Mast presents Christ’s call to all believers to be the church, whether gathered for worship or scattered for service. By exploring such practices as baptism, communion, singing, and group discussion, readers will consider how participation in the life of the church shapes their daily witness in the world.


Jan 28th – Outdoor Games Night at the Rink

Feb 1 – (Sr) Praise & Worship Night @ Church

Feb 7th – Mission-Fest Youth/Young Adults Evening (We are looking for vehicles, to drive those who wish to attend.)

Feb 11th – Lesson and Worship Night 7:30 @ Church

Feb 21st – Talent Show 7:30 @ Church

Feb 25th – Lesson and Worship Night 7:30 @ Church

Mar 5th – Youth, Friends and Parents Broomball @ 7:30


Feb. 1 Praise and Worship Night at the church! 7:30pm

If you are interested in being a part of the `band` or helping set up please let Wayne, Kevin, or Jeannette know.

Up Coming: Young Adults from across Southern MB retreat! There are more details on a poster in the dining room. Please let Wayne, Kevin, or Jeannette know if you are interested. Deadline is Feb. 11.