Bulletin – October 20, 2013

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

Sunday School                                     10:00 AM

October’s Offering – The Bridge

Worship Service                                   11:00 AM

Worship Leader                                   Eric Isaac


Announcements & Offering

Offering – General Fund

Prayer of Blessing for Glenn & Norma

Prayer & Praise

Scripture Reading – Arnold Reimer – Leviticus 16

Sermon – Larry Payne


Closing Song


Next Sunday

Adult Sunday School

– Sanctuary – studying Acts 15:1-21

– Boardroom – Study on Anabaptist Peace

Offering – General Fund

Speaker – Eric Isaac  – for preparation read Leviticus 1 and 11:44-45


Monday, Oct. 21

Mothers Who Care                       9:00 AM

Tuesday, Oct.22

Sewing Circle                                 9:00 AM

Youth Lesson Night                       7:30 PM

Saturday, Oct. 26

Men’s Breakfast                             8:15 AM

Simulcast                                      9:00 AM

Next Sunday (Oct. 27) we will have Catalina Janzen’s membership transfer.



October 28th – Ministerial meeting. 7:00pm Location TBD

Oct. 29, 7;00 – Gospel Echoes Dessert & Concert Night @ church. See poster on bulletin board

Oct 31, 7:30 – Halloween Children’s Carnival –  Morweena Church


November 5 – MWM Care package evening

Nov. 10th, 17th, and 24th we are having church-wide potlucks. We have tried to put everyone in a potluck group (if you’re not in a potluck group talk to Eric). If you can’t be at you’re scheduled Sunday, feel free to go another Sunday. There is a list of the groups in the church lobby.

Thank-you all for your generous giving!

On Sept 22nd our offering was designated for MCS Loan it received a total of $3,250.00

On Sept 29th our offering was designated for MCC they received a total of $1,861.55

On Oct 6th our offering was designated for EMC they received a total of $3,291.20

The offering at our Thanksgiving supper was divided between CFGB and Widow’s Banquets the total combined was $2,969.00.

Remember in your Prayers:

Ed and Betty Reimer as they travel to Minot, North Dakota. They are serving with MDS for 2 weeks

Lyn and Vi and family as they minister at the Salvation Army in Medicine Hat

Congratulations to Kevin & Janet Gross on the birth of their son, Tyrell Micah, born on Oct. 16, 2013

New Songs for Worship, November 2, 9:30-12:15:

a half-day workshop with Christine Longhurst and the CMU Worship Band, exploring a wide variety of new congregational songs and hymns for worship. Canadian Mennonite University Chapel, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg. Cost: $35, $20 students and seniors. Visit cmu.ca for more information.


Care Package Event

There will be a basket in the foyer for the next 2 weeks to collect donations for our Care Package Event. If you have a friend or relative who is working, studying or serving out of the community, please submit the name and address to the MWM mailbox, email or contact a committee member (Marlene, Emily, Bea).

Check out in the library this week….
Face of the Earth by Deborah Raney. When Mitchell’s wife, Jill, kisses him goodbye, he has no idea that he may never see her again. When she doesn’t return and the police can’t find her, Mitch asks his neighbor, Shelley, for help. As months pass, Mitch and Shelley grow closer. How can he honor his vows to a woman who’s vanished?

Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma. In the twilight of the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands, the Germans have taken everything Cornelia had to give, even what was most precious to her. Now Gerrit Laninga-a man who puts God and country above all else-arrives at her house, needing help. She is terrified for herself and terrified for her family, but most of all, terrified of the pain she might feel again if she allows herself to love Gerrit. Her hope is to be free from her paralyzing fear.



Tuesday, Oct 22: Lesson Night : Living Like Royalty Part 3 (Bring a Sibling/Friend to Youth Night)

Thursday, Oct 31: As a youth group we are again hosting a Children’s Carnival on Halloween, as an alternative to trick-or-treating. Invite your neighbors, bring your children, and stay for coffee.

Discovery Days at Steinbach Bible College, November 7-8. All students grade 11 and up are invited to come experience SBC’s great classes and exciting community life. For more information or to register, visit SBCollege.ca.