Bulletin – April 22, 2012


“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10



Coffee & Muffins (Youth Fundraiser)      9:30 AM

Sunday School                                     10:00 AM

Today’s Offering – Inner City Youth Alive


Worship Service                                   11:00 AM

Worship Leader                                 Tim Reimer


Announcements & Offering

Offering – General Fund


Prayer & Praise

Sermon – Arley Loewen

Closing Song



Next Sunday

Sanctuary Sunday School class- read the books of Nahum and Habakkuk

Boardroom Sunday School class- starting a series on Parables

Offering – General Fund

Speaker – Donovan and some grade 12’s will share testimonies from the Jamaica Missions Trip


Tuesday, Apr. 24

Sewing Circle                                 9:00 AM

General Bible Study at Lilydale  7:30 PM

Everyone Welcome!

Jr. Youth in Arborg – location TBA 7:30 PM

Wednesday, Apr. 25

Sr. Youth Bowling in Gimli           7:00 PM

– carpooling is a great idea!

Thursday, Apr. 26

Ministerial Meeting @ church    7:00 PM

Friday, Apr. 27

C&C Fabulous Fridays – Louie Giglio Hope Series Part 1-Location TBD

Next Sunday, Apr. 29

C&C Potluck with the Louie Giglio Hope Series Part 2 @ church




June , July & August – no Sunday School



Remember in Your Prayers:

Ed and Betty Reimer as they continue to serve in Birmingham, Alabama with MDS

Lyn and Vi Reimer and family as they minister at the Prince George Regional Correction Centre


Congratulations to Reg & Ang Dueck on the birth of their daughter, Chloe Allicyn, born on April 13, 2012



If you are interested in the job of cutting the grass at church and cemetery talk to Robert, Phil or John D.


In the church library

“Fierce Beauty” by Kim Meeder

True beauty is not about how you look but how you live. To lay down personal ambitions and selfish desires, and to pick up your sword of encouragement to fight for those who are losing their battle for hope.



April 27/28- Jr Youth Boys All-Nighter @ Church. Fri.- 7:30pm until Sat. 11am.

April 29, 7pm – Outpouring- A Worship Evening @ Church

May 1, 7:30 – Youth Talent Show @ Church


May 8, 7:30 – Small Groups and Study @ Church

May 15 – Details to Come

May 27, 7pm – Outpouring- A Worship Evening @ church

May 29, 7:30 – Small Groups and Study @ Church

June 5-

June 15 – Youth Wind-Up Party