Bulletin – April 15, 2012


Serve the LORD with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. Psalm 2:11

Coffee & Muffins (Youth Fundraiser)      9:30 AM

Sunday School                                     10:00 AM

Today’s Offering – BCBC Child Sponsor


Worship Service                                   11:00 AM

Worship Leader                               Delmer Plett


Announcements & Offering

Offering – General Fund


Prayer & Praise

Sermon – Larry Payne

Closing Song


Next Sunday

Adult Sunday School – Arley Loewen will report on his mission work

Offering – General Fund

Speaker – Arley Loewen


Tonight                                              6:00 PM

Beaver Creek Annual Fundraising Dinner


Monday, Apr. 16

Mothers Who Care                       9:00 AM


Wednesday, Apr. 18

Senior Lunch                                   12 noon

Parent/Teacher Meeting            7:30 PM


Thursday, Apr. 19

Deacon Meeting                          7:30 PM


Steinbach Bible College Spring Concert, Friday, April 20, 7:30 pm in the SBC Chapel. All are welcome to join us for a hymn sing, special music by Ignite!, the drama “Esther” by New Creation, plus a mass choir closing song. Refreshments will be served. For more info on this free event, visit SBCollege.ca or call 326-6451.


Steinbach Bible College Graduation Ceremonies, Saturday, April 21, 2:00 pm at Steinbach EMC,
422 Main St., Steinbach. All are welcome. For more details visit SBCollege.ca or call 326-6451

Thrift Shop Volunteers

Tuesday: Norma, Loreen R.

Wednesday: Sylvia, Gloria

Thursday: Trudy, Bea

Friday: Janet, Barry

Saturday: ????

Volunteers needed at the Thrift shop next week Saturday and also in the upcoming months.


Remember in Your Prayers:

Lyn and Vi and their family are at the Hay River Baptist Church this morning and the Hay River Pentecostal Church this evening

Shirley Plett who had a hip operation this past week


Perth-Andover, NB is a community of only 1700 that has experienced severe flooding.  Nearly 500 people were affected including many seniors.  MDS has been on location with other partners in the initial clean up and assessment, and is considering the potential of a longer-term presence.  Please pray for this community.

Wildfires across southern Alberta have led the MDS Alberta Unit to assist local ranchers in rebuilding in Fort Macleod.   Progress is being made thanks to many Alberta volunteers.  Pray for safety and stamina as this progress continues.


The song leaders are making up a list of musicians and vocalists who are available for Sunday morning worship. If you are not currently on a worship team but would be interested in subbing on occasion, please contact Reg Dueck dueck13@yahoo.com or Amanda Plett aplett43@gmail.com. Thank-you.


In the church library

New in the library: “Paradise Valley” & “The Captive Heart” by Dale Cramer. A tale of love, danger and redeeming faith. Inspired by actual events