Bulletin – March 11, 2012


“You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:11

Coffee & Muffins (Youth Fundraiser)      9:30 AM

Sunday School                                     10:00 AM

Today’s Offering – The Bridge


Worship Service                                   11:00 AM

Worship Leader                        Donovan Dueck


Announcements & Offering

Offering – General Fund


Devotional – Abe Bergen

Installation & Prayer

Closing Song

Next Sunday

Adult Sunday School- beginning new series on the Minor Prophets

Offering – General Fund

Speaker – Eric Isaac


Potluck meal after the service

Monday, Mar. 12

MSC Board Meeting                    7:30 PM

Tuesday, Mar. 13

Sewing Circle                                 9:00 AM

Youth @ church                            7:30 PM

Thursday, Mar. 15

Ladies Bible Study @ church      9:00 AM

Thrift Shop Volunteers

Tuesday: Evalina, Liz

Wednesday: Carol, Mary F.

Thursday: Rose, Rhonda

Friday: Caroline K.

Saturday: Norma, Kara


Ramona’s Reach 2nd Annual Hockey Fundraiser & Silent Auction on March 17&18 at the Arborg Arena. Check Bulletin Board for more details

The Bridge Youth Drop-In 2nd Annual Fundraiser Banquet is happening on Sunday, March 18th at 5pm, at the Arborg Community Hall.

Last week at the membership meeting the 2011 Annual Statement was presented and accepted if you would like to have a copy please talk to Abe Loewen 372-8568 – or email him at loewenat@gmail.com

Last Sunday’s offering for EMC was $1,602.77

Last Sunday’s Sunday School offering was $16.00

Remember in Your Prayers:

Glenn and Norma – Glenn has been doing evangelistic services this weekend among the Low German speaking people in Picture Butte, Alberta.

MDS Responds to USA tornados

Large groups of local MDS volunteers were on the ground helping with clean up immediately following the series of tornados that swept the mid-west of the USA last week.  Canadians are asked to respond in prayer, through financial donations, and openness to serve in volunteer capacity once long-term response is determined.  Thank you for working together to not only repair and rebuild homes, but to touch lives and nurture hope, faith and wholeness.  For updates, check www.mds.mennonite.net or MDS’s Facebook page.


There will be an opportunity for you to personally participate in an MDS project in Minot, North Dakota the week of April 15th, 2012. We are looking for all and any willing helpers. A group anywhere between 4-8 would be greatly appreciated. For more information or to sign up contact Bruce Reimer or Ed Reimer by March 18th.