Adult Sunday School – Ryan Rempel – Lifelight

Is our faith important enough to us to share?

1. We don’t need any training to share the word.
2. If we are ashamed of God, he’ll be ashamed of us. John 9:17-23, Matt 20:10
3. Be open to God’s leading.  Don’t miss opportunities to share the word.  Be obedient to taking the opportunities you’re presented. Everyone is designed to seek God, some just don’t realize that yet.
4. Understand the simplicity of the gospel. 1 Cor 2:1-5
5. Share your own story. Don’t under estimate the significance of your personal testamony. Testamonies are powerful.

“Its not fair that those who know about this haven’t shared this.”  – Recent convert who recently recieved a new testament.

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